Ghost towns in Spain

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    Because of the recession and the property slump there are many places/resorts/estates in Spain where there are many properties vacant and up for sale but there are few buyers and as a result sellers are struggling to find buyers for their properties. These areas are ghost towns in that there are few people living there and things are very quiet. Can someone please tell me where the worst affected areas are and is it worthwhile buying a property in such places and can one snap up a bargain in such areas given that there are so many properties up for sale and there are so few buyers?

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    The ghost towns are all over the coast, especially areas heavily developed during the boom. There are also many other areas you could call ghost towns in winter.

    Big problem now that ordinary folk are having to face economic reality. These are luxuries we now can’t afford.

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    Just south of Madrid there is a place called Seseña that’s a bit of a ghost town:

    I really wouldn’t want to live there though.

    BTW Be careful how you define “bargain”. I’ve heard stories of councils practically giving away free plots of land in the more “rural” areas, provided you live there for at least 6 months of the year! There is a reason why few people are taking up these offers!

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