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    Apologies, another question from me.

    Should we use our solicitor to get the utilities connected at our property. They want 150 euro “for contracting supplies and organizing direct debits for supplies and community fees.”

    Is this something which is easy to do – I know many companies have English speaking telephone operators.

    This is a new property, just completed.

    Many thanks for your advice.

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    depends what time you have, 150 euros doesn’t sound bad, (think I have seen 250 euros quoted on this site).

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    Hi Katy

    Thanks for your response. I don’t think it’s worth the hassle to do it ourselves from the UK so we shall leave it up to the solicitor.


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    We too have given our lawyer full power of attorney {though have been told we should set a limit of money she can move} she is going to set up all our payments for water elc and anything else. We are in a complex and there will be a cummunity set up to take over this when we get going. You need to speak spanish to most of these companys {er i know its Spain} and thats how it is cant get many people from N.Power to speak spanish hear. Good luck

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    Hi Smurf

    Interesting you should mention Power of Attorney and moving money. We gave our solicitor PoA and when it came to moving money from our Spanish bank account for the completion they were unable to do this. We had to write a letter and post it snail mail to our bank to authorise the move. Something else we weren’t aware of and it delayed our completion by a week.

    I don’t think with PoA solicitors can take money from your account – which is probably a good thing with all the stories we hear.


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    Our solicitor has full POA and we have no problem with his drawing money from our account . He always phones us prior to check whether we agree with what he has to pay. Charges us a few euros each transaction.
    Suppose it depends on the bank.

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