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    Does anyone know how you can legally ‘dispose’ of an apartment in Tenerife that has not been able to sell for 8 years?  All bills are paid up to date, but the complex is run down and no one wants to buy it.  Getting desperate now..!

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    Aunty Val

    Its very easy – price.

    Everything will sell at the right price.

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    Easier said than done, I’m afraid.  It was originally up for 100,000 euros.  Then it dropped to 80,000 euros.  Then 49,000….still nothing.  People comment on how nice the apartment is, but the complex is run down and the tenants aren’t prepared to pay much for the repairs to the building.  Our hands are tied.  Our new agent said it should be on at 52,000 euros, but still nothing…we just want to ‘give it away’ to a charity or the government or something, but don’t know how.

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