Getting off this tread mill life style

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    Hi Everyone
    I have found this to be the best forum that I have come across so hopefully with the experience that’s out there you can help a 45 something to get off this tread mill life style ❓ and relax in Spain
    What I am looking for are Good honest Estate Agents on the Costa Blanca / Alicante North a bit and south a bit we would love something that can be refurbished but must be structurally sound Help

    Thanks in anticipation

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    they are all crooks don,t trust any

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    Thanks Mark

    Looks just what were looking for

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    @peter carter wrote:

    they are all crooks don,t trust any

    Peter, I accept that it is good advice not to entirely trust an agent, however, the remark that all agents are crooks is offensive and also untrue.

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    Hi, I am 43 and recently invested in Spain for similar reasons…
    We have found a good Agent in the Murcia region, we bought in March after 6 months or so of dialogue with the Agent and his Staff.
    Since the purchase we have regular contact by email.
    He is very prompt and communicative, in this instance I think we have found a good Agent it may appear easy money, but reading the forum and many of the issues – it is very complex.
    In our experience too date, he is taking responsibility with us, not moving onto the next Customer and ignoring us….

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    Nice to hear you have found a good agent and are happy , good stuff.


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    Hi Coles family,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    Would you mind giving me the name of your agent, recommendation by word of mouth and personal experience goes along way. It’s comforting to know that it can still be done and it is not just a dream.

    Kind regards

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    Coles family you say you have a good agent, yet, on another post , you are asking for information regarding building licences/progress on a site in Murcia. Why do you need to do that if this agent is in regular contact with you?

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    Hi Katy
    Just because we are in regular contact with our Agent, doen`t mean he has all the answers !!
    Seriously, we are all new to this when we first `see and believe the dream and not everything is perfect.
    I am sure we will experience many of the frustrations of others experienced in purchasing is Spain, but I also believe the Agent is working on our behalf which is more than I read in many of the threads.
    I have nothing to do with this industry so please understand I have no gain in providing these comments- I am just speaking as I find…
    Also some Buyers would recently have visited the site in Murcia and hopefully, like us they will have gained a little more information face to face with the Builders.
    Tomcat, Since you requested the information, I will advise the Agents contact details seperately so the Forum can hopefully understand I am genuine in my remarks and not here to promote the Agents business !

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    they are all crooks don,t trust any

    Peter that statement is really offensive and is not of any use on a forum. There are many good agents on this forum and around Spain in general with many coming here to offer help and advice free of charge. Please make sure any other statements are based on facts when you use the word “all” and not just based on some loose opinion you might have. Using a bold, sweeping statement like this can deter people from making their own sound judgement beacuse you may have had a bad experience.

    Forums are not for rants but for a useful exchange of valid opinions and factual help.

    Best wishes


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