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      Can anyone help tell me what happens in the case of a car accident here regarding getting your car fixed?

      My car was reversed into whilst parked this week and I have all the drivers info, the “amistosa” signed etc and electronically sent that to my Spanish insurance company Tuesday. No probs in that he admitted fault etc

      Do I now wait for them to get in touch or can I just take my car to a workshop for repair? Its nothing too bad, just scraps and dents…

      Its the 2nd time (well, 3rd actually but once no damage thank goodness…) I have been driven into whilst living here but the first time we were insured by UK insurance company, so slightly different and very the time I kept being told everything was sorted very quickly normally but now am not so sure..any experiences please!!



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      Hi Heather, wait for the insurance company to come back to you. Both sides get in touch with each other and hopefully its agreed whose fault it is quickly. Then they do the assesment, tell you which approved garage to go to and mend it.

      You pay nothing out.

      (house insurance is the same for damage, they fix, you dont pay)

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      Thanks Inez, thought that was what happened so nice to have it confirmed!

      It should not be very hard for them as the other driver tried to park thru my car when I was waiting for my youngest to finish her nap before getting the others from school!!

      Have a good carnival weekend…


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      That is what broadly happens. A friend of my mine reversed her car into mine. We sat together over a beer & filled the forms etc. My friend faxed her Insurance company & I did mine through my Insurance brokers. She accepted her fault so it was straight forward.

      As, I was leaving the following day. I left the car at the garage of the main dealer. Waited for the Insurance, after not hearing from . I got in touch with them & was told that the copy that they had received was not good. Had to ask my friend to send another one.

      My, garage finally recived the instruction to carry out the works. The only problem was that my car was hit in the front & fact that was stated on the paper work to the respective Insurance companies. The Insurance company authorised the works at the rear of the car.

      The whole process had to start again. I understand that the car is now ready & I need to find time to go & collect it.

      Well, it could have been worse. In Spain I have dealt with Lawyers, estate agents, developers, Banks, notaries, Insurance, town hall, utilities, police, embassy staff, Council workers, civil servents. I can say with confidence & after lowering my level of expectancy that no aspect of life works normally. It for this reason that many things I would like to do in Spain. I refrain from doing so.

      I did sugguest to my friend that I will pay for the repair to my car to avoid the hassle but she insisted on it. The positive that came out of all this was now I know what to do in the case of an accident.

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