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      Hi All,

      Looking at the CEPSA website, they say that generally propane gas bottles of size 35kg (the big ones) are stored outside.

      It also says that in certain circumstances, you are allowed to store up to 2 of these bottles indoors.

      a) does anyone know what these ‘circumstances’ are ?

      b) when saying ‘store’ do they mean that the bottle can be connected to the appliance?

      Many thanks in advance for anything to point me in the right direction.



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      Hi Mike,

      I am a gas detection system engineer ontop of my swimming pool systems and I would never advocate the storage of LPG or any other gas cylinders indoors.

      LPG is heavier than air although at certain temperatures it can float up, but we should regard it as heavier than aair which means that it will sink like water to the lowest levels and sit there until removed by air movement or other means.
      There are many instances with the portable gas heater where they leak and the gas settles between floors and is ignited with a light switch etc.

      Also be aware of under house storage for the same reasons.
      Ensure all connections are tight and check for leaks with soapy water.
      Check the connections to appliances at least once a year and test for leaks also.

      Need any advice please feel free to email me.


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      Hi Dave,

      Many thanks for the reply and ‘yes’ I am cautious about gas inside.

      Up in the Asturias (Northern Spain), especially in the mountain villages – gas bottles inside are very common – you can even buy large hob / oven ranges with a comparment to place the gas bottle inside.

      Interestingly enough, properties have buried oil deposits inside the curtalage of the house – dig a bloody great hole in the garage and drop the deposit in.

      As my property has no land, the above solution is a good one for me but I’d rather use gas, especially as the house is on the village square and I’d rather not pump out smelly oil exhaust, for all to savour.

      I’m going to ask my Architecto Technico if its possible to have a gas depot buried inside – if not, then gas bottles, and if this is a silly idea then I’m back to the oil deposit solution.



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      H Mike,

      Hows the house going? Just to remind you that our oil tank and boiler take up half a room if you remember….sort of ruined our plans a bit! Is it possible to get a gas deposit outside? seen some large gas tanks around…are you here full time now or…we have to meet up again!

      Just incase you are interested, Asturias is featured on A place in the sun on the 18th March, they filmed at our house yesterday and interviewed Neil and our daughter at school…a slightly odd experience but fun!!

      take care,


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      Hi Heather,

      Well things are moving along slowly, and we’re just putting together a detailed schedule of works for the project managers to implement. We’re moving along slowly because I have a feeling that the cost of labour will become cheaper. As more developers get into trouble, the demand for labour will slow, and therefore the cost of labour will decrease through over-supply. It’s a theory, and it relies on the problems in southern spain affecting the market sentiment up north.

      We’ve got no land with the property so opportunity to put a gas tank outside is mionimal / non-existant. The ground floor’s got 160msq of usable space and shouldn’t present a storage problem. In addition, we’re planning on maximising a solar heating solution and hopefully, this will minimise the tank size.

      All this leaves the game plan as …….

      Kathy and I work our ‘socks off’ in the UK for the next 2 years to cover the works, rent our house in the UK, move over there. Once over, I’ll still be dipping in-and-out of the IT contract market to keep the coffers topped up. It’s a plan and fingers crossed, all will roll along to plan. Kathy is really itching to get out there – she seems to have a strange notion of becoming a ‘kept woman’. As it stands currently, we’re managing to get out every month for a few days. My current contract ends in mid-August and I’ll take the opportunity the take a longer stay – I’ll email you, and we’ll hook-up.

      I’ll have my eyes glued onto the goggle-box, March 18th ……….. do you need an Agent 🙂 !!!!! You naughty-naughty girl 😉 , telling the ‘great unwashed’ about the secluded beauty that we have – lets hope Chavs are allergic to fresh air. 😀

      Un abrazo,


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