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    We are looking for an English speaking Galician (or Northern Spain) based architect to assist us with our rural house renovation in Lugo. Ideally a company who are sympathetic to the environment (Ribera Sacra) but who can also inject a touch of contemporary panache where applicable. Plot consists of approx 1800m2, part land, part house. Project start date December 2013.

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    My reply would be to get an architect that is local to you as he will have to deal with your town hall. Look at the directory of registered architects for Lugo province here ->
    It doesn’t mark whether they speak English but the important thing (unless you are going for a culturally significant build) is to get a good local architect.
    You could try emailing the Galician College of Architects ( to see if they know an English speaking architect but I would be very surprised if they knew that level of detail for someone that is close).
    If your project is sizeable, then you will probably need a Technical Architect also.
    I’m sure there are some long established Brits in Riviera Sacra that you could track sown and ask.

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    Having developed ‘listed’ properties in Asturias, I can tell you that you will struggle with no Spanish. Hopefully all will sync in for you but it might be worth finding a local interpreter with some semblance of building / engineering knowledge. Architects tend to have an ‘arms length’ relationship to the actual build on the ground – this is where the technical architect comes in, as along with running project management, certifying the monthly work done by builders, structural and quantity surveying … they will organise as much as you want them to do ….. providing you pay.

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