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      SPI News

      Sheldon Adelson, the owner of Las Vegas Sands and the man behind the proposed development of Eurovegas to the South of Madrid, has reportedly asked the Spanish government to limit online gambling.

      The board of Las Vegas Sands met on June 5th in New York and discussed the company’s Spanish plans. Adelson made clear at this meeting that if the Eurovegas project is to go ahead then not only will smoking bans in Spanish casinos have to be lifted but online gambling will also have to be limited so as to stifle competition.

      The demands made regarding the tobacco laws have already caused controversy in Spain and these fresh conditions will raise even further the tensions between the Spanish government and the Las Vegas Sands Company.

      Adelson has accused online gambling of causing ludomania (problem gambling) and of being too easily accessible for minors. He has also been quoted as saying that “online gambling provides no benefit for society” and that due to the competition it provides “land casinos’ growth is either stagnant or negative. We (land casinos) can’t live with it.”

      An interview with Sheldon Adelson on Bloomberg on the subject of online gambling

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      He’s looking for an excuse not to proceed, isn’t he? Rajoy can no more stop online gambling than he can stop Google!

      The funny thing is, that Adelson does have a point. The ease of online gambling is a far greater potential problem to society than a land casino ever could be. But is he an appropriate person to make this criticism????

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      He wants blood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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