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      “Imagine moving into an idyllic home in Spain – and then being ordered to sell your land for a batch of villas. You can’t refuse, you can’t appeal – and you will make a loss”.

      The article goes on to say that most people get no compensation at all, that it is not just Valencia and that no one is safe:

      “If the local council decides it wants your land for a new housing development you will be…out of a home and there’s no legal comeback”

      Is this true? I knew it was bad but is it this bad? In other words if you occupy a villa in a decent piece of land in a nice location the council can steal it if it wants to build/allow a development?

      The article says that “anywhere and everywhere can be reclassified from rural to urban and land appropriated”.

      If this is really the case is it worth buying ANYWHERE on the CDL – or are there exceptions and if so how do you find them?

      Seriously worrying.

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      Very apt statement from a lawyer in the above named article.

      “The legal system is bankrupt. The law is not responding. We need special courts to act with speed against corruption in the construction business.”

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      The Spanish construction business is morally repugnant. It is the most appalling situation for those poor people who are victims of the wholesale greed of the authorities. My heart goes out to them.

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      Re angie’s posting.

      Claire et al, and now Your Move are helping Ocean too, it beggars belief. Are there NO morals with the large agents in the UK helping the likes of Ocean?

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