FT article about golf resorts in Spain

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      Article in the weekend FT about residential resorts in Spain and elsewhere should interest the readers of this forum:

      A Bumpy Ride

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      Hmmm some good points in the article. Had to smile. after writing all the buff about cheap property everywhere tacked on the end are three ads for property at over-inflated prices 😆

      I would like to see these places where you can get a $200,000 home for $40,000…and the areas! Orlando was particularly badly hit and according to friends it is not that bad. Average time to sell a home 85 days! I have seen homes advertised in Naples, florida, 4 beds, acre of land for $150,000 but no-one in their right mind would choose to live there. Lots of domestic incidents, petty crime and south american immigrants. The acre “plots” are full of old cars, tyres and other junk.

      The part about the Caribbean, we cruise there every winter and I haven’t seen any unfinished marinas etc. or deserted buildings, infact not any overbuilding.

      People are always taken in by the marketing of these golf resorts, they never live up to the dream. The 5* hotel never gets built, restaurants and shops remain bricked up etc. As Mark said the golf scene is still very much concentrated around the western CDS. Most of the best courses being the ones that were constructed before the property boom. Sotogrande, Rio Real, Santa Maria, Marbella GC, La Cala, Las Brisas etc. Around these there is life outside the developments, lively bars and restaurants. If you had met as many holiday golfers as we have it is easy to see that golf is only about 60% of the attraction. Many are drunk when they arrive on the 1st Tee early morning 🙂 As an occasional golfer myself and an even keener Husband the last thing we would want to do is live on one!

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