French dream, or just another nightmare?

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      Many Brits are determined to hang on to that French holiday home dream. However, property prices in France are certainly not rising – in fact, just the opposite in most places except large cities.

      The French do not want to live in rural locations where there is no work, no prospects, and which are culturally empty but very pretty. Being pretty does not put food on the table.

      The British have left in floods and continue to do so – take a look at some agents’ websites and see tens of thousands of euros knocked off the prices, and still they do not sell.

      Renovating in France is very expensive. For many, it becomes a nightmare, a trap.

      The market is going nowhere fast, and, be under no illusion, France is very expensive for most things. There is no work, healthcare is impossible (unless you work or start a business) so you need private cover for five years, house taxes have risen dramatically, and electricity is to go up by 5% each year for the next few years.

      France is certainly not paradise.

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      All very interesting but I wasn’t sure why this topic had been posted on this site

      Richard ❓

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      Seems like a wind-up troll. Starts threads and rarely joins in 😕

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      Leads a very dull life over the wekend ??? and post what realy are statements relevent or not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      jakesuper has an agenda all his own.
      All that’s happening in France is the same as everywhere else, market slow down, correction given the global economic situation.
      It bears no comparison whatsoever with the situation in Spain.

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