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      Not just buyer beware. We have been ripped of by an estate agent based in Pilar de Horadados. He swore he would charge only 3% commision and work alone but if he had to take on a partner he would share his commision and if we did not achieve the selling price he would take less in commision.
      He was recommended by our solicitor as some one who kept his charges down and had helped previous clients.
      We found that he had not passed on the true offer that the buyer put to him. The buyer had offered 160,000 euros and he said the offer was for 135,000 euros. We said we would not accept less that 151,000 euros but more if he could get it.
      The buyer then offered 164,000 euros but it was passed on to us as 151,000 euros.
      Reluctantly we accepted and ONLY AFTER that a man came to the property we had sold and hung a for sale on the gate.
      We asked why he had done that and said it was sold. He just said you never know the sale may fall through. We had previously asked our agent to put a for sale on the villa but he kept saying tomorrow but he never did. We thought this other man must work for our agent but it turned out that he was from a Canadian agency and it ended up that the agent had passed our property on to this agency without our knowlege and lied to us about sharing his commision. Altogether 13,000 euros were taken from us and although the solicitor knew it was based on lies did not try to help us.

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