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      This forum is being locked during migration to a new domain.

      Spanish Property Insight has suffered relentless hacking attacks in recent months, and the techies suspect the forum software is the chink in the armour. The proposed solution is to move the forum to a different domain and server, migrating to a different forum software in the process.

      Hopefully the change will be completed in the course of the following week. However, it might take longer than that, during which time the forum will be locked and / or unavailable.

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      Just found my way to new Website, I also eventually found my advert, but theres no Editing Option & the photos are missing, can you please advise

      Sooty [Graham]

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      Mark Stücklin

      Graham, it’s not a new website. It’s the same old forum at the same old site, just running off a different software platform that is more secure and better integrated into this website.

      I’ve done you the favour of linking to your photos in your ad, and yes there is an editing option, just look for “edit” in the menu bar above the post.

      What I don’t think there is is a private messaging system.

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      Mark Stücklin

      The forum is now open again.

      Rather than move to a new domain we have incorporated the forum into the main site using a compatible software platform.

      Once you login to the forum you will also be able to comment on articles in the blog.

      More details and new forum rules to follow.

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