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    There is now another site and development where the buyers are facing potential financial loss due to their treatment by the lawyer, agent and the developer

    In this case a number of buyers are still waiting for properties that have not been started and paid typically €40k deposits and the developer, although they have not announced this offically, has stopped building

    Most of the buyers do not have ant bank guarntees, the lawyers response not out problem but give us €2500 and we will start proceediings to recover your money

    The response from the agent is a potential flip from the villas they bought to apartments in a resort 100km away and buyers have already established that these are over valued plus they actually charge fees for the change

    The problem is that in the 2 years that it will take to get the developer to court there is a chance that the developer will file for adminstration protection

    The lawyers response is well I sked for the BG and it is not my fault, even though the law requires them, that they were not supplied. The buyers should have chased them, but there is now talk that the buyers want to take action against the lawyer

    The buyers have now formed a group to look at joint actions but I suppose that the advice remains make sure you use an independant lawyer and et a BG

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