For those who have no fear of libel threats (Joe Neutral eg)

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      Joe, like you I have no fear of libel threats from agents etc who are exposed for deceiving the public, whilst I understand Mark’s situation, it’s about time a real ‘Name and Shame’ website was conceived.

      Trouble is I have no knowledge yet of website design or the legal side, if someone could start such a site then we would help.

      To allow the buggers to get away with anonymity even after being exposed on TV beggars belief, I can’t see the problem when it’s been aired on tv or the papers providing it’s discussed in a normal way.

      I’m pretty sure the crooks do not sue the TV companies and papers, and if they tried they would undoubtedly lose. 👿 😈

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      Participant is available to buy on godaddy. I think one could work out how to set up a blog on there and if people put their real details ie name address etc in the profile then this should stop disgruntled employees posting with no foundation!

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      If you want one of these go here

      a blog here

      both free

      Cheap hosting including ready setup of blog here

      or here (you’ll need some knowledge but they are very helpful)

      good luck


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      Blogspot is good, easy and free. It has certain limitations, but one could consider each offending company having its own site plus a centralised index listing.
      I use one for The Euro Weekly News at

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      As a journalist with some experience of the libel law, you should be very careful here. Mark is right to be concerned since recent cases have proved that the provider of the site and the writer can be sued. There is one crucial point to take on board – the fact that something you say is true is not a sufficient defence. You have to PROVE that it is true. And that can be a very, very expensive exercise if XXX take you to court. I understand your frustration, though.

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      look all of this is quite simple.

      Mark should simply create a stickied thread where he can post links to articles of interest that members supply. He probably will at some point in the future.

      Mark is not attacked for information he posts BUT what we post. If someone wants to critize and agency for breach of contract. Then set up a blog, scan all your documentation and then supply this site with the link.

      Why mark locked the thread with a video link about a certain agency i don’t know.

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