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      What is floor area in Spain property?

      My property finder locate a property, and I have select to buy a property of 92 sqm. However, after getting a lawyer to check the Nota Simple. The house has a superficie construida 84.25 sqm, Util of 61.32 sqm.  The house has a terrace, util 6.98 sqm.  ATTACHMENT: To this house, a storage room has a superficie construida 8.64 sqm, util of 6.22 sqm.

      If 84.25 + 8.64 = 92.89 sqm. Is this how floor area is measured?

      When buying Spain property, is all property in Spain unfurnished? Buyer must come out with money to buy furniture package from Rental Management, which cost EUR 6000?



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      Floor area refers to the floors within the house ie. under the main roof of the house. It does not include any patios, parking areas, concrete paths, temporary shelters for car etc.

      A lot of houses are sold fully or partially furnished. Mine is for sale and the buyer can choose whether they want it furnished or unfurnished. It is advertised to reflect this.

      Hope this helps, Sue.

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      Is it illegal to sell a property where the information in the escritura is different from what is on the land. I was told that whatever was on the land was yours so it didn’t matter. is this right or not.

      What are the reprecussions of changing details in an escritura.

      can you always subdivide land, I have a neighbour who wants to buy some of my land is difficult to do.  any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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      I would advise you consult your nearest gestor, who will be cheaper than an accountant or solicitor, but does similar work. Check his/her references or go by recommendation, as there are a few rogues about. We found ours through our local estate agent, as she uses the same one.

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      The area on the Nota Simple and the Catastral are measured around the outside of the outside walls  (Construido). The first registration of a property depends upon the owner’s ‘declaration’, which is usually according to the architect’s plans.  Thereafter, if any change is made to the property, that should be registered by the owner. Because it’s a hassle and cost, many people don’t do it until they have to sell the property (or they may not have all the permissions required and so just hope nobody notices until they can prove its been there for ages) The Catastral is now often more reliable because it measures what they see and they update according to planning applications.

      Regarding land, it’s not always possible to subdivide as some areas have minimum plot size restrictions. You’ll need to get a topographical survey carried out, as everyone will if the Nota Simple size is different from the Catastral for land and/or buildings.

      When we carry out building surveys for buyers, we measure the property and compare that with the Title (Nota Simple) and the Catastral. Well over 80% of these show sometimes major differences. It’s always worthwhile having a property measured as values are normally calculated according to a rate per sq m.

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