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      At last the development of Villareal Golf Resort in Lorca has started after years of delay:

      They have planned 1800 properties, 2 five stars hotels, 1 golf field and a comercial centre.

      Do you think brits and euro expats would be interested these days in properties valued between 250.000 euros and 2 million euro in the middle of the mountain 20 miles from the sea?

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      Purias is a stunningly beautiful area already and if the developement is built to the same standard and sensitivity as local properties, new and old, then I don’t see why people wouldn’t want buy into it although personally think it will be more Spanish vendors because, as you know, this small pocket of Spain is highly desirable to the very wealthy Spanish.

      It maybe “in the hills” but still barely 15 minutes from Lorca and Aguilas the E15 and AP7 so everywhere easily accessible.

      After all this time waiting for permissions at least everyone will know it will be totally legal.

      Over the past month a great deal of earthworks, both sides of the dual -carriageway from Purias old road to well beyond the golf complex, have been happening . Also a new dam has been constructed at top of old Purias road.
      Any ideas what all this is all about Peter?
      Our presumption is it could be secondary roads for the golf course,

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      The website of the development:

      We can see in the website rivers and lakes around the development in a place where water is pretty scarce!

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      I understand that the reason a golf course was permitted was because there are plenty of underground wells. Something that legally many properties here have bought into as shows by the amount of grass some properties here have.
      Something that is sadly lacking where the vastly overpriced and usually poorly constructed “developements aimed at the British golfer” have taken place.
      With all the permissions now in place think Lorca is one, of a few areas in Spain, properties will not spiral downwards into free fall whatever the economic situation.
      Realise I am biased 😉 but truly believe the Lorca area is becoming more desirable day by day.

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      Good to hear from you again Melosine,

      The high speed road between Lorca and Aguilas is in process of becoming a highway. That means that all the direct access to the read are being erased and them the speed limit will up from 100 to 120 km/h.

      I also think would be a new access to the golf course in that place.

      Also next November the new comercial centre La Almenara will open it doors with plenty of new stores so you wont have to move to Murcia for some services.

      With the new Corvera airport I also think Murcia will be a better place in the following years.

      So perhaps this crisis is a good think for people in order to invest in a property in Murcia.

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      Looks like the same ole, same ole to me! Could even be Polaris world again. Lots of computer generated photos of promised facilites (haven’t we been here before) May be a nice area but what will it look like when they have built the 1000 plus properties? Rape of the countryside more like!

      We are Golfers, we talk to lots of golfers, they do not want to take holidays in out of the way places, they do not want to play on only one course, they want to play four or five different ones in a week. Sad to say they also want wine women and song! People buy in these out of the way places on the assumption because there is a golf course there will be rental opportunities…forget it. Rich Spanish buying into these apartments with their probably high community fees…forget that too.

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      As a precedent just a pair or miles away of this development there is the development Torre del Obispo.

      The development of hundrends of homes is halted and the spectacle is quite horrible. Hundred of properties half constructed, and the access road from the highway to the development is worse than bad, you need admost a 4×4 to access to the place.

      I know some local people who bought here and now are trying to sell but nobody will buy it until the development is completed which can take years…

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      I agree Katy all computer images look the same to me as well most bearing little or no resemblance to the final outcome .
      Over priced developments looking tacky and cheap even before they are finished and they, and what they call “golf courses”, are crammed in on otherwise barren areas.

      Having, years ago, been a member of Betchworth GC I fail to understand why anyone even remotely interested in playing golf would want to play on courses that are little more than a large flat areas resembling pitch and putt with bunkers every hundred yards and miles and miles from other civilization.
      A weeks golfing holiday 🙄 …IMHO a day would be too long in these areas let alone using a fraction of that time playing golf 😡

      Where this golf course is proposed however is in an enormous expanse of very beautiful green hilly area. So more like the proper golf course one is used in UK and I understand, although as yet unconfirmed, that the owners are hoping to stage professional competitions there.

      Having noted the very recent sympathetic refurbishments and new builds in the locale and now work has started on the possible new access to this development I am hopeful that with a price tag of 2.5 mil for individual houses the developers are intending on complimenting the properties and infrastructure ,natural or othewise, already in the area.
      However I do think golfers in Spain will at last be treated to a proper and LEGAL golf course.

      To those who don’t know this affluent part of Murcia, albeit the difference is like chalk and cheese to those who in live or prefer the CDS, irrespective of playing golf, spending a week in this area I can assure you wouldn’t be long enough.

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      peter, Many thanks for all the information.
      Heard the new shopping complex was delayed by a month .
      I am old fashioned enough to prefer the individual shops in Lorca but will visit at least once when it opens.

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      If I were to be looking for a 2.5 million villa (in these days of falling prices!) just looking at the council looking blocks they are advertising would be a quick click away. Nah…it’s Polaris world Mark II…or XII 😆 Last thing I would want to see deveoped in my area.

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      Polaris World 🙄 ❗ ❗ ❗

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