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      We visited the house every day, sometimes twice a day, trying to get used to the smell. I went to garden centers looking for purfumed plants that I could plant all around the house to mask the smell, I toyed with the idea of planting a load of trees at the bottom of the land to act as a sound barrier. I was desperate, I really wanted the house, it had so much potential, but the stink was overpowering.
      We drove around the local area and visited ALL the bars and some of the restaurants, it was all very Spanish and we didn’t meet any other English people, perfect. One thing did however become apparent, there was a lot of pig farms, I mean a lot.
      You must of heard about beer goggles, it’s when lot’s of beer makes ugly women seem attractive. Well I think I must have had the the Spanish property version on, and they must wrap around and go up your nose as well. We really didn’t notice the smell the first time we viewed the house.
      Now I blamed myself for being so stupid, but if I had been told that the building was a pig farm I would not have made an offer on the house, and after all I had asked the question.
      I went to the agents in Heurcal Overa to see Lolly and Paco. Lolly asked Paco for me about the building at the bottom of the land ”He say’s he told you already, it’s for pigs”. It was obvious that Bobby had lied to me and told me what I wanted to hear. I said nothing to Lolly and left.
      We drove back towards the property and stopped at Peurto Lumbrerus for lunch. I didn’t know what to do, although I had been lied to by Bobby the Spanish agents had appeared to have acted honourably throughout and I didn’t want to let them down. Over lunch we made up our minds and decided to pull out and loose our £2,000.
      On the way back to the car I looked in the window of an estate agents, there in the middle of the window was my house at, wait for it, 87,000euros. Now I really thought the world was plotting against me.
      That was pure greed by my agent, I changed from worrying about letting them down to putting them on my hitlist.
      We returned home to England ready for war.
      I’m going up the pub.

      ………..Just joking! It was pretty obvious that if I told them I thought I had been mislead and I was pulling out I would loose my money. Greed was their motivation, so their greed was going to be my method of attack.
      Bobby was paid a percentage of the sale price for introducing people to the Spanish agent, so the more I spent the more he ”earned”. I phoned Bobby and said I had a bit of a problem and wondered if he could be of help, at first he wasn’t interested until I told him that I’d decided to double my investment in Spain. He came around to see me that night.
      I told him that I’d like to buy a bigger house nearer the coast up to about 250,000euros, but I didn’t want to loose my £2,000, would the Spanish agent transfer my money to a new property if he had something suitable on his books. I already knew that the agent didn’t have anything on the coast.
      ”I know just the agent to talk to, don’t worry about the 2grand I’ll tell em that you want to spend more money with them but you want your money back as a sign of good faith. Don’t worry I’ll talk them into it, leave it to me”
      I told Sally that I was pulling out and she should send me her bill to date,it couldn’t be much I thought, she hasn’t done much. (mug).
      2 days later I got Sallys bill £2,150 gulp!!
      In my job we occasionally have to take people to court for none payment of debts, almost without fail the legal bill far exceeds the debt. Often, just before the hearing, they will lodge an offer with the court. Experience has shown that it is usually better to take the offer because even if you win you don’t always get your money, but the offer is not normally enough to pay the published legal bill. We negotiate with the solicitor and reduce the bill considerably. I went to the solicitor that we use and asked him to negotiate for me. The bill was reduced to £710 plus £25 for the company solicitor.
      A week before Xmas a cheque for £2000 arrived.
      We flew out 2 days before Xmas to start looking all over again, but this time we were going to be more sensible about it. We decided to spend our ten days looking at different areas and not so much individual properties.Oh, and by the way we didn’t meet up with Bobby’s other agent.
      I drove 4,250kilometres in those ten days, for some strange reason my son said Spain was boring!.
      The first thing I noticed when we arrived was how cold it was in the mornings, the second thing I noticed was my wife hadn’t packed my long trousers. I’d convinced myself it wasn’t that cold, and this worked until one morning in the market I could see peoples breath.
      It wasn’t really that cold, it never went below 8degrees C. it just felt cold, bloody cold.
      We met some more crooks, saw some ”interesting”properties, and had some laughs.
      If anyones interested I’ll tell you about it next time.

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      Well done you and thanks for sharing. Regardless of its piggy problems I bet you’re relieved you didn’t end up paying €105k for a house on the market elsewhere for €87k. Unfortunately that is so common. Did you ever buy a house?!

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      First thing we were warned about when we fell in love with Aguilas was the pigs in the surrounding areas.
      They are however supposed to be moving then further inland…but WHEN ??
      So we did a recce from Lorca to Heurcal, and all inbetween ,and at every” “se vende “plot we stood and sniffed and looked for the grain stores .
      It was often dependant upon the wind but none we encountered were as bad as the one you write about.
      We were indeed fortunate in the end and got agriculture and a few cows instead.
      Strangly enough though ,unless horrendous, after a short time one fails to notice the *perfume*

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