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    Hi, does anybody know anything about Finca parcs?
    I saw some advertisement about them and it looked quite interesting.

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    We had a little run in with them a couple of years ago when they first tried to set up and sell this project. The local Mayor of Hellin was quoted in the papers that the monies placed for the project were being considered but we asked for all the planning and building permissions before we would help promote the project. We then had very litigious telephone calls from them (from the UK) and despite still just asking for the permissions we have never heard back.
    If you are still interested please check out their permissions with a GOOD independant abogado before spending money. Don’t use an Abogado they recommend.
    If they are legit’ please let me know as we couln’t see how they were going to make the numbers work either!
    Hellin is a fair way inland from the coast!

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