Fencing land near Pinoso

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    Does anyone know the rule about fencing land around a property?  I have just had permission from the town hall for fencing 3000sqm of land around an old house I bought to renovate in the campo outside Pinoso.

    I am told by a builder that as the land runs alongside a road, the fence needs to be erected 4m from the centre of the road onto my land.  The ‘road’ is little more than a rural track, its not concreted or tarmaced, and apart from me, is only used by a neighbour for access to water his olive trees.

    If I use the 4m ‘rule’ I lose approx 1.5m of my land all along the roadside, which is approx 700m in length.

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    Is there a problem with the numbers here ?

    If you have a 700m long boundary with a road, I assume on one side only, your 3,000sqm plot would only be 4 and a bit metres wide ?

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    Yes you are right, the 700m quoted had a zero too many, should read 70m, well spotted   🙂

    I tried to get back in to edit the post but couldn’t see an edit button anywhere.

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