Fees for yearly fiscal representation

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    I picked up details of your web site from a television
    programme on ‘Real Estate TV’. The site is extremely
    informative and I wish that I had seen it before purchasing
    my property on the Costa Blanca a couple of years ago. We
    committed what now appears to be a mortal sin of using a
    lawyer as recommended by the estate agents. The lawyer also
    arranged the mortgage for us. All very neat but I am pretty
    sure I paid well over the odds for the mortgage arrangement
    and also probably for the lawyers fee as well. One thing we
    are still getting charges for is Eu 95 each (for my wife and
    I) for annual charges for fiscal representation, payable to
    the lawyers. I have emailed them to ask them why we have to
    pay almost Eu200 per year but have had no reply. If it is a
    genuine service that we must have then I don’t mind but as I
    am starting to feel a little paranoid I would appreciate
    someone telling me if I really need to pay for this and if
    so what service am I getting for my money. Your advice would
    be most appreciated.
    Best Regards

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    Dear Alan

    As a consequence of owning property in Spain you will need to submit central government tax returns (annually) and pay local taxes. It’s not that complicated but most people use a gestor to do this for them – I wouldn’t recommend trying to do it yourself.

    If the lawyers you used are charging you 95 Euros per person to do this that would be a reasonable fee. However if they aren’t responding to your queries that is a bad sign as you don’t want to be paying for incompetent work and failing to pay you taxes.

    I would pursue them for more information as to what precisely they are charging for and if they don’t respond in a timely and adequate fashion then look for another gestor in your area.

    I hope that helps.

    Kind regards


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    Mark, many thanks for your prompt reply. It’s reassuring to
    know that at least I should be getting some sort of service
    for my money. I will take your advice and make a few more
    enquiries though.

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