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    The NIE, required before making large purchases in Spain, is valid for just 3 months from the date of issue. Having recently completed the purchase of a house should I renew this NIE, is there a process for acquiring a permanent number or can I simply forget about the matter?

    As a UK citizen non-resident to Spain who owns a property in Spain I understand that I have some small taxes to pay the Spanish Government each year. Again, do I need a tax reference of some sort? If so, how do I acquire this?



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    I got my NIE 4 years ago to buy a house and just recently I bought a car with it no problems.

    Regarding your non-resident taxes, I use http://www.spanishtaxforms.co.uk to enter my 210 non resident tax and the bank takes around 25 euros every 2 years for a non resident certificate.

    The 210 non resident tax is an ‘assumed’ tax because if you are non resident, they assume you rent it out.


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