Ex partner on deeds – never paid towards mortgage

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      Nick Allen

      Tue 3rd November 2015

      Hello everybody

      I wonder if you can help me.

      A very good friend of ours lives in Mazerron Murcia, she bought a new property some 10yrs ago off plan. A three bedroom Villa (€250,000). She put the deposit down and took on a mortgage to which she paid monthly.

      Enter boyfriend – she gets poorly some time in, and he takes out a €15k loan in her name to help get through the interim. She recovers pretty quickly – they split up (12 months in) and she has to pick up the €15k loan payments.

      Race forward to today, she is looking to sell the property but finds out – shock horror- that he put his name on the deeds to the property and is entitled to half the house.

      As long as my heart ticks this cannot be right can it? How can common sense prevail? My mind set says ‘ he owes €15,000 (the loan) and half of all bills / maintenance on property over the 10yr to date period (repairs, pool maintenance, gardening etc).

      Is there a guardian angel out there who can offer some guidance on this – how to play it?

      Ex lives in UK near friends Father’s house.

      fingers crossed and all have a great week

      best regards



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      Mark Stücklin

      Nick, a sad story, but there is no shortage of them.

      Are you absolutely sure he is on the deeds for 50%, not just a charge against the property for the value of the loan (€15,000)?

      If so, she must have signed something to put him on the deeds with 50% of the assets. She would have had to have gifted him half the house. I doubt he could have done it himself, unless there was some administrative blunder by the Notary, which I also doubt.

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