Eviction of non paying tenants

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    My topic may not be new, I don’t know but it is very frustrating and totally wrong I have a apartment that I let through an agent in Mojacar, Almeria it was let to a couple (Spanish)in February 2012. In October 2012 they stopped paying rent and have paid none since. We have taken legal action using the rental company Solicitor not ours. So far we have made very little progress in getting them to court in Vera. The legal process has been gone through and we did have a court date of 30th September but they then requested a lawyer at the last moment to be granted on the equivalent of legal aid( told this is a delaying process by my lawyer) since then we have made no progress being told that the couple are still waiting to be granted a lawyer by the courts. Being nearly December and well over a year since they decided not to pay has anyone got any suggestions ideas, explanation of what is going on or what we can do. We had read that the eviction process had been greatly speeded up and should now only take a month but am told the courts can’t cope!
    Just in case anyone is feeling sorry for them thinking they have nowhere to go they both have family in Vera the Spanish woman’s father has a house in Vera and she also has many brothers and sisters.

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    It’s a well known fact on the CDS not to rent to Spaniards. They play the legal system and you can’t get them out đŸ‘¿ One friend stopped paying the water bill of an apartment he was renting to a Spanish family who had not paid rent for 8 months…the tenants took him to court and was ordered to restore and pay for their water meter! Another friend spent 7000€ on legal fees and a year to get some renters out!

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    yes I have learnt to my folly not to rent to spanish, as you say they know how to play the system! I do at last have a court date in April! by that time I will have lost around €6000 (18 Months) in rent and paid out over €1500 in legal fees and will not know until the eviction is complete how much damage has been done! Never again, I can see why there are so many empty properties in Spain.

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