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      Hi Tilly – in answer to your question, yes.
      And this is what happened…..

      We contacted them at the beginning of this year re. our situation. We rang first, to get a contact name (one of their legal advisers) – then as requested posted her a letter with our full story including dates, developer’s name, development etc.
      Our case was pretty clear cut – paid money in 2003 for a golf apartment that never got built (completion due Oct. 2005). The developer refusing to refund money telling us to wait for our (postdated) Bank Guarantee dataed for end of 2006 (at the time, another ten months wait). Our lawyer was of no help whatsoever.

      We heard nothing for two months, so telephoned again. She said that they will send us a ‘claim’s form’ that everyone has to complete, plus requested us to send copies of all legal documents and correspondence with lawyer/developer.

      This we did (all 33 pages) by courier, to ensure safety of arrival.
      We heard nothing for another two months.

      Telephoned again. And the kind lady’s offer of help from this EU office……?
      The suggestion that we find ourselves a new lawyer!

      “But we want to make an official complaint about our developer”.
      “We feel that we have given you our best advice”

      In contrast, the superb lady at the OMIC office in Marbella, Mercedes Bueno, was superb – on hearing our story she immediately demanded a meeting with the developer to explain themselves, and hauled them over the coals.

      So based on our personal experience – forget this EU office, an absolute waste of time.
      Having said that, there may well be others out there who can (hopefully) report a more positive experience.


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