EU takes another step into catering to big business "seeds"

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    Can’t find any english source for it but the EU is putting forward a new directive that basicly will make certain seeds illegal to use and sell. All on the behalf of big companies such as Monsanto etc. This has been done in the US some years ago and it has caused lots of problems for smaller farmers. Hundreds of diffrent kinds of vegetables will dissapear if this goes unchallanged.

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    Yep …. they covered it on Farming Today, with the leader ……… “EU proposals to make seed registration compulsory could lead to the loss of old and rare crop varieties, and stop people sharing seeds. The European Commission argues that updating the legislation will protect buyers and that there will be a ‘light touch’ when dealing with heritage varieties.”

    If you do a google on “EU seed legislation”, It’ll pull up a veritable cornucopia of material.



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