estate agents to be avoided in the mojacar area?

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    Hi im looking to buy a property in the mojacar area. does anyone have any horror stories about particular estate agents in the area?
    or does anybody have any positive opinions on particular estate agents in that area?

    does anybody know of these estate agents?;

    -vipalmeria, spoke to Steven last night and was left with a good impression, my mum also spoke to him and seemed to like him, ha. as things stand will probably use these.
    -grupoplatinum, have had a few correspondences and the same applies
    -calidahomes, have also had a few correspondences and again was also left with a good impression

    those are the three estate agents we are most likely to use, i cant really find anything good or bad said about any of these agents, I’m just trying to find out as much as i can to avoid any undesirable outcomes.

    also, can anybody recommend an honest independent english speaking abogado who works in the area or is based in london and is familiar with property law in almeria?

    any advice greatly appreciated,
    Gracias 😉


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    As far as lawyers go I highly recommend Gerardo M. Vázquez. You can find his details here: Lawyer in Almeria

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    i went out and viewed with caldia homes and thought the same richard and his wife even had as round one evening for a drink they sorted the villa we rented whilst we were there as we made a holiday of it to get a feel for the place the villa we stayed at was lovely
    and can be seen here went to bulgeria whilst we was there and we was taken around by a very nice lady who even showed us a property opposite her own house i don’t suppose dodgy estate agents would do that.Good luck with your serch

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    I’ll get in touch with Mr Vázquez thanks Mark.

    thanks dartboy, good to know. 😉

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    said property is still for sale aswell i went to look in 08 it was €218,000 when i looked so not a very realistic drop in price only about 15% off

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    I thought most of the property around there is illegal?

    Been on sale 3 years 😯 who would want to invest in something like that. If you find it’s not for you you could be stuck for years!

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    if my memory serves the owners of it were english and had a business in vera but were working long hours and were tired with the drive back so wanted to off load it and buy nearer to their business

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    In the Almanzora Valley, there are lots of illegal homes (no thanks to the Junta de Andalucía). However, in Mojácar, they are all – more or less – legal. There is a group of Estate Agents in Mojácar calling themselves ‘The Consortium’ who are, at least, well established and known locally.

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    Personally I would avoid all estate agents. In my view they are toxic. With a little effort and some common sense do it yourself and get a good lawyer.
    Mojacar actually is well served by a number of good lawyers. Ask around when you are there and make a judgement for yourself.
    Do not use a lawyer recommended by an estate agent.

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