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      Doesn’t sound like a buoyant market does it 😕

      Key Estates have teamed up with VIVA to work together, strengthening and improving the service we can give you.
      As you know, Key Estates has been based in Calahonda for the last 13 years and, during that time, we have built up a strong, successful business. Now, however, we have the opportunity to work alongside the team at VIVA, a company which shares our same customer focus and commitment as well as a wealth of experience from over 14 years on the Coast.
      What does all this mean to you?

      Working together with VIVA means that we can offer you an enhanced range of fresh marketing opportunities to get your property seen by a greater number of prospective buyers and so vastly increase your chances of selling at the right price.

      We will, from today, be working under the VIVA brand name and banner, with a full office makeover taking place. You can rest assured however, that you will still see the same friendly faces as before as our excellent team will continue to be on call for you, and we will be adding some new faces as we work alongside the experienced VIVA team, so you can be sure you will still receive the best possible levels of service and attention. All our current contact details will remain the same so you can email or phone us exactly as before.

      VIVA has a huge database of buyers and a very active marketing programme, so, by teaming up with the company that brings you the regular HOT Properties Magazine – the “Property Bible” for the Costa del Sol, and strong online marketing promotions, we are working to ensure that, as a vendor, your property will benefit from the maximum possible exposure.

      A great future.

      I hope you enjoy the benefits this new partnership will deliver – a wider spectrum of marketing opportunites, a continued high level of personal service and a dedicated team to help you every step of the way.

      Why not take this opportunity to talk to us about updating your details or maybe it’s time for some fresh photos?

      So, here’s to the future and watch this space…

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      Calahonda office now 😯

      Looked at Key Estates site, then checked their ‘apartment of the month for 226k’ hmm, seemed bland for that price IMO, however I particularly noticed the flattened dead cat on one of the bedroom floors and thought, nice touch, some fine interior presentation, and this one’s for me 😆 Only kidding 🙂

      What would be good though is a photo gallery of their directors and staff as one often sees on UK Agents’ sites, many agents seem to hide this detail but not sure why 🙄

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