estate agents lawyer yes or no?

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      put deposit down on a property and the agent is a british agent based in san luis, they adv oi can use there solicitors in torrejva who they have used for 18 yrs…….

      should i or not????

      being told in uk , find my own… whats the difference?

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      Just read the posts on here and you will see why you definately SHOULD NOT.

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      As Katie says, don’t even think about using their recommended Lawyer! 😯

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      A big NO from me too!!

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      It is better to find a lawyer by yourself than accept a recomendation from an estate agent.

      However, I am an estate agent and I do recommend several lawyers to clients who are intending to buy a property and do not have a lawyer.

      The reality is that most buyers give no thought to legal representation until after they have found the villa they want. Typically, they plan returning to the UK within 48 hours and so are unlikely to find a lawyer under their own steam.

      The lawyers I recommend are independent, efficient, and obtain a tiny part of their business from me.

      So in short, it is better to find your own lawyer – but a lawyer recommended by an agent is not necessarily corrupt or inefficient.

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      Look at this another way. 8)

      If I am an agent selling a house anywhere
      I want that house sold. Then I get commission 🙂

      You want to buy it.

      If you use the same Seller’s Lawyer
      will the SELLER’s Lawyer tell you that there will be a motorway on your doorstep in two years time ❓
      NO HE WILL NOT 😈

      PLEASE ❗
      You must have an independant Lawyer WHO WORKS ONLY FOR YOU.

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      @Rawlins wrote:

      The reality is that most buyers give no thought to legal representation until after they have found the villa they want. Typically, they plan returning to the UK within 48 hours and so are unlikely to find a lawyer under their own steam..

      This is sooo true!

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      Hi FoxyUK,

      I disagree with those that say you should not use a recommended lawyer under any circumstances. I have been selling in Spain for many years and firstly you need to establish if the recommended lawyer is only working for you and not both parties.

      If he is only working for you and not the seller then I cant really see a reason not to use them. The other alternative is that you have to find your own and then trust they will be better. This is not any guarantee of a better service.

      There is a Spanish lawyer local to me in the UK who I always recommend. He is completely independent of us and is not used by us when we sell a property. I know he would be very offended to find himself tarnished as untrustworthy by the other forum members just because I recommended him!!

      I would suggest if you are not happy with an independent recommended lawyer in Spain you should use one that has been used by somebody on this forum.

      Best wishes


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      Don`t whatever you do use a lawyer recommended by an agent.

      We did prior to finding this site and we are now paying dearly for it along with many others on the same development.

      Be careful !


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      Let me put this way…

      Unfortunately (fortunately to me) there are here in Asturias very few lawyers who speak fluent English, so when REAs know you do, it’s easy to be recommended.

      This poses no problems with small particular REAs, but it’s quite different with the big guys…

      I was once recommended to a Brit by a local branch of this companies (wont give names but they are a well-know REA that works all over Europe) I frankly don’t know how they find me as I had never worked with them, I just know the client got in touch saying I was the one the company suggested…

      Things went smooth until I refused to allow my client to pay part of the money in “black”, we had quite a fight, the REA even wanted to break the deal but they couldn’t as we had a private contract that of course specified the total price with a penalty clause in case of unjustified withdrawal…

      At the end the purchase was done in our terms, all in clean money and everything included in the official deeds, but I don’t have to tell you that I have never had another recommendation from this nice guys 😥


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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      In theory there is no problem using the lawyers that are recommended by the agency.
      Yes the agents want the property sold so they get their commissison. The same generally applies for alot of lawyers as well. They generally charge a 1% fee based on the selling price of the property.
      Alot of agencies recommend banks aswell. Yet few people seem to have a problem with that.

      Which ever lawyer you use, (from the agency or not), check them out indepently. Same as when choosing an agency

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      Hi there

      We used one recommended by our agent and to this day still use him for everything.
      It’s very hard at first to know what to do with so much advise,but,we felt that he was working for us and was extremely professional,I’m very glad we did and will continue to use our’s when the need arises.
      Friend’s have used one, found off their own back and have had nothing but dissatisfaction,this has cost them money to change to another Lawyer.
      Good luck with your decision.


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      foxyuk – NO NO NO NO NO NO NO- I’m suddenly reminded of a saying about 3 people in a marriage ❗ ❗

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      got my own now….

      speaks perfect english and helpful 😆


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