Estate agents – an undercover look!

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    As no ever seems to have a good word to say about Spanish estate agents (apart from me :D) , I thought you’d be interested in this undercover look at UK estate agents based in London..reminded me of a lot of things people have said on this forum!!

    Can we convince the same BBC program to go undercover in the Costas perhaps?


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    At least the properties sold by the dodgy uk agents exist đŸ˜‰ , thats more than can be said for some of the Spanish agents

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    Also the UK agents only get their commission after completion. Therefore, they see the sale through to the end…not walk away once their pockets are lined.

    Having said that, the actions of the agents mentioned in the BBC report is appalling and I am sure this will have an effect on their business.

    As for getting the BBC to go undercover in Spain…where would they start? đŸ˜‰

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