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      Is it normal practice in Spain for one property to have a different price with different agents?

      I’ve found one that could be of interest through two different agents but there’s a 15% difference in the asking price.

      Thanks for any info.

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      I read that the reason is Spanish vendors (in particular) tell the estate agent how much they want for their property and the estate agent simply adds what ever commission they feel they can get away with – on top.

      The commission expectations/budgets seems to vary between agents. From what I’ve gathered 5-10%….

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      many reasons.
      1 is what lonegroover said.
      maybe one agency has managed to convince the vendor to drop the price and the other agent has’nt, or has not updated the listing, etc…
      the vendor has removed the property from one of the agencies, and they’ve simply kept it on the site to generate interest (even at the old price)
      one agent has put a bit more on top so there is some room to negotiate
      one agent has dropped the price to without permission to make it look more competitve.

      really what ever you can thinkg of

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      The property we recently purchased was on with a number of agents the lowest was 30,000 below the highest and the rest were everywhere in between!

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