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      I saw recently that the Spanish government was considering compulsory qualifications to practice as an estate agent. Does anyone know what these qualifications are?

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      Well, about time too. Where did you read this out of interest?
      Let’s hope it’s along the lines of the previously compulsory API or GIPE membership. This is from the API Barcelona website (their translation, not mine):

      CHAPTER II – Requirements for Membership and Professional Practice

      Article 11. – For practising the profession, the following requirements are essential:

      a) to hold a proper certificate which qualifies the Agent as such.
      b) to be registered as a practising or entitled Agent with the Official Association of Estate Agents of Barcelona as well as to hold the professional identification document drawn up by the former association.
      c) to fulfil the fiscal requirements to start the professional activity as well as to have the official economic duties updated, as established.
      d) to have obtained from the Association of Estate Agents of Barcelona the authorization to open an office.
      e) not incur in any of the incompatibilities stated in the Articles of Association.

      Article 12. – In order to hold the certificate of Estate Agency, the following requirements are necessary:

      a) to hold an official university degree of Bachelor, Engineer, Architect, Law Degree, Graduate of Economic and Business Studies, Technical Architect, Technical Engineer or Commercial Lecturer.
      b) to pass the proficiency tests provided or that may be provided.

      Article 13. – Applicants wishing to join the Association of Estate Agents of Barcelona shall have to comply with the requirements below.
      1. For non-practising applicants:

      a) application by the interested party in accordance with the provisions abided by the Interior Rule and Regulations.
      b) submission of the professional qualification, its notarial affidavit or a certificate of having been granted its entitlement, if required.
      c) submission of the university or professional certificate referred to in article 12, letter a), if required.
      d) endorsed certificate of having paid the amount of the relevant association deposit.
      e) deposit receipt of the membership fees established by the Association.
      f) to enclose a criminal record certificate.

      2. Along with the previous requirements, practising applicants shall observe the ones listed as follows:

      a) statement of the applicant confirming that s/he does not fall into the assumptions laid down in articles 32 and 33 of these Articles of Association.
      b) express statement that the applicant belongs or not to another Association and, in such a case, if he fulfils the requirements abided by the Articles of the origin Association.
      c) supporting document of having initiated relevant actions aiming to obtain the association�s authorization to open an office in accordance to the rules established by this Association.
      d) statement of not falling into the assumptions listed in chapter II, title II.

      Article 16.- Foreigners may join the Association or be thus authorized for this purpose if they fulfil the requirements for practising estate agency in Spain, those provided by these Articles and Interior Rule and regulations, both for practice and authorization.
      In addition, they must prove the existence of reciprocal proceedings concerning the specific legislation of their country of origin, as well as the fact of holding a university degree or professional certificate approved with the ones necessary for Spanish nationals in order to obtain the Estate Agency diploma.
      Honorary admissions are excluded.

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      is this just for the person applying for the License or all of the “agents” out in the field??

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      For anyone who wants to practice as an estate agent. From the same site:

      Article 7. – In order to fulfil the duties expressed in the foregoing article, qualification for practising Estate Agency shall be a must.

      Article 8. – The professional activity of Estate Agents is an attribute of natural persons who have to comply with the responsibilities inherent to the profession -on their own and without possibility of delegating their powers to third parties- under their names and surnames and with explicit commitment and responsibility.
      Estate Agents shall not be appointed for heading services relating to their functions within offices or companies dealing with third parties.
      Two or more Agents shall be able to professionally associate themselves by meeting the provisions contained in these Articles. In addition, two or more Agents from another Association shall be entitled to cooperate for a specific and particular purpose.

      Article 9. – Estate Agents who are not active members in the Association of Barcelona and its province shall not perform activities involving property located in the district of this Association. They should request the collaboration of a practising colleague, member of this Association.
      The Management board is entitled to establish and rule the exceptions to this article by a reciprocal agreement with other professional Catalan Estate Associations.
      When an Estate Agent resorts to the co-operation of one or several colleagues, either from the same Association or from a different one- in order to complete any duty, fees shall be distributed according to what had already been agreed on through a written agreement. Lacking this agreement, agents shall proceed according to the conditions for minimum fees placed by the Association in whose district the property is located. If the former standards do not provide regulations on this issue, both Agents shall receive 50 per cent of remmunerations, or equal shares, if more than two Agents are involved.

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      For any agent/lawyer/developer in Marbella who is interested there is a new course in real estate administration and town planning which is sponsored by the Ayuntamiento of Marbella. Cost is 1800€ to start on September 28th and runs each Thursday until the end of June 2007. Aim is to clarify both the Town Hall planning situation and also the Andalucian planning law + other real estate admin stuff.

      Being a girlie swot type of agent I’ve signed up already. Looking forward to seeing representatives from all the Big Boys there…ha ha! See that pig with wings????

      Here’s the website for those with a yearn to learn…..

      …oh, and it is in Spanish of course for that extra challenge.

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      Hi SDodgson

      interestingly enough thanks to your email, I have just diiscovered that this is a course you can do in most provinces. Waiting for info back for Valencia Region but here is the address for anyone interested



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      Vince, if your Spanish is better than mine can I copy your homework then????

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      You can but I never did a Spanish course as such just spoke to Spanish people (difficult not to as I live in a Spanish town) – However I dont know that my Spanish is better than yours – I just speak it with friends and associates as they dont speak English. But…. my sister is a Spanish teacher so may be able to help out ….lol



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