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      We bought a village house in Andalucia in 2003 but when the escritura finally arrived 2 years later it described the house as 25sqm on a single floor whereas it was rebuilt by the previous owner to be approx. 50sqmm on two floors. As the sale had been handled by a proper agent through their recommended lawyer we thought it was not important. Now, with the authorities tightening up, new personnel at the same housing agent tell us we should have the escritura updated to avoid difficulties when selling the property, which we want to do. Of course they don’t want to share any blame for the oversight so we’ve been trying to sort it out ourselves. Having passable Spanish and armed with plans and a Certificado de Antiguidad which the previous owner supplied we presented a form 902N to the local Catastro which they accepted and sent off to Malaga. A year has now passed and all they say is that they’ll inform us when they hear something.
      We would like to get this resolved more swiftly and we understand that there may be another way by having an architect survey the property and stamp the plans ‘visado’. However we’re not clear whether it has to be an architect, whether the changes go to a Notary first and then to the Property Office. We would like to understand the procedure and also how much this might cost. Can anyone help? đŸ˜•

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