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      I am selling my house in Velez Malaga after about 11 years. When I bought the house, I mentioned a few times that the house appears bigger than it states on the Escitura. My abogada told me it was not important. As with one or two other things, I said that it could become important when I sell the house.

      On returning to the same abogada she calmly tells me that the law has changed and any discrepancies on the escitura have to be corrected.  I have to pay to have the house area measured and her extra charges for registering the new size will be 3,000 Euro plus.

      What are the consequences of not changing the escitua details to the correct size?

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      Can you find a buyer who is prepared to accept the same risks you accepted 11 years ago ?

      If not, that is the first and most important consequence.

      After all of the different property issues that have cropped up since 2008, I suspect that most buyers recognise the risks associated with properties that are not properly registered.

      You had the misfortune of buying in the boom years, when some things were swept under the carpet. Times have changed.

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