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    Looking for advice for a friend of mine who bought an off plan with the lovely Aifos in Roquetas 4 years ago, the purchase was fraught with problems and they nearly lost their property, through no fault of their own, this resulted in them changing lawyers to fight Aifos at the last minute.
    For some bizarre reason they had to complete at a Malaga Notary.
    Their problem is this: their new lawyers seems not to have received the escritura and has now changed address and our friends cannot contact her, they have also discovered that Aifos are saying that they have the escritura and if they wish to have it they have to pay Aifos 177€ 😯
    Is this normal for a developer to be given a buyers escritura? and will our friends have to pay Aifos even though everything was paid on the day 18 months ago.
    Any thought / advice gratefully received.

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    People had to change lawyers at the insistence of Aifos.

    Aifos asked everyone involved to sign 2 letters, one absolving them of any responsibility or blame and stating that they would not use the agents lawyers for the completion.

    The second letter stated that they had paid an extra 12.000 euros even though they had not.

    The new lawyers certainly didn’t fight the case, they completed the final papers only.

    If you let me know the name of the lawyers I will see what I can find out.

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    Hi Dorothy

    Will ask Linda for the details, do you know of anyone else whose escritura went to Aifos ?? Seems very strange to me.
    Hoping to do something useful for them as Kev’s quite poorly in the hospice at present.

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    Sorry to hear about Kevin.

    Have not heard of anyones going to Aifos, will try to find out.

    Has Linda still got the list of all the e mail addresses, she could send and ask everyone.

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    Have e mailed Julie Patterson at their Manchester office, and will try to speak to her tomorrow.

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    Thank you 🙂

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    If you want a copy of the escritura you can always get one from the Notary where it was originally signed. Ask them how much they would charge you for a “Copia Simple”.

    Terry English

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