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    What are the rules governing an English Reg. RHD vehicle left in Spain. Also is it possible to have the vehicle insured by a Spanish Company? Geoff. ❓

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    As I understand it, a car must be legal in the country in which it is registered, that means tax, insurance, MOT (where necessary) and the address on the registration document should be that where the registered keeper actually lives.
    Also a foreign car should not stay in this country for more than six months in any twelve.

    Regards bri

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    Motoring in Spain by Brian Deller answers a lot of questions.
    Linea Direct (Direct Line) appears to be the most used for motor ins.
    You must have owned the car for at least 6 months and undergo an ITV.
    Costs vary. Have heard from 600€ to over 2000€. All depends on make,age and if the garage owner likes you !!!!!

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    We brought a LHD car on ebay to export to Spain! We found that no British insurance company would insure it in Spain for more than 30 days and so have insured it with a Spanish company, with 90 days covered out of Spain per annum. With Europe wide breakdown cover, it worked out far cheaper to do this.

    We used abbeygateinsure.com, english speaking, expat company. Probably not the cheapest but easy to contact from the UK.

    You’ll need to get the lights swapped to LHD versions and the mileometer relabeled in kms for the IVA I think…..but I’m no expert.

    Good luck!

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    The following link may be of interest:

    Driving in Spain

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    There is a company called IBEX registered in Gibraltar which will insure UK reg vehicles for use in Spain. They seem to be part of Admiral Insurance.

    They have competitive rates, and also include legal and breakdown cover + Green Card for the rest of the EU. They are underwritten by Lloyds names, I think.

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    Arr, IBEX are good, and have many policies tailored to foreign plated and/or right hookers in Spain. There’s a reliable broker for them in Benalmadena called Stewart Seviour who I’ve used for 10 years, and they’ve always been great.

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