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      Good afternoon to all,
      I am hoping someone out there can help me with an issue. Forgive me if I go a little long. My wife and I own some property in Zaragoza, Spain. The land is classified “rustico.” We live in the U.S. although my wife is a Spanish Citizen. In late 2006, we purchased the land. In 2008 we asked a family member to look into running electricity to the land. The family member found an electrician who proceeded to install the electric poles, lines etc for our land as well as five other nearby properties. The electrician never obtained permits. All of this occurred without our knowledge. For two years, we had electricity but no meter. Finally, our electricity was turned off by the electric company, “Endesa.” I was assesed a fine, (by Endesa)which I have every intention of paying. My problem is, I cannot get a permit and, Endesa will not reconnect even when I pay the fine. It appears, another property owner lodged the complaint. Since the approved architectual plan was in my wife’s name, the power was cut off to all involved. The complaint has since been removed without sanction. I have researched the issue with the assistance of three attorneys, and one architect. The government cannot force the removal of the electric poles as they have been erected for more than four years. However, it seems the electric company is hesitant to allow me to connect to the grid due to the fact once they connect me, I must cede the poles to them. They seem to beleive the “complaint” would then become there problem. I am at a loss as to what to do. Any suggestion would be appreciated. I have fired the attorneys as this has dragged on for five years. They have done nothing, other than ring up fees. Thanks.

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