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    Does anyone have info regarding European electrical safety regulations.

    We visisted our virtually complete apartment in March and found that the developer had just left bare wires hanging from the ceilings.
    The agent stated that in Spain properties were handed over in this condition and it was up to the purchaser to have ceiling roses fitted.

    This would be illegal in the UK, but the Spanish do not seem to care.

    Does anyone know what the Spanish regulations are ??

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    Hi Michael,
    I think it must be the norm in Spain, as when we bought, the property was left in the same way, as was every other “NEW BUILD” apartment that I’ve ever seen.

    It is annoying not even having the fixing for a lightbulb 😕 and of course means you will need an electrician to fit all ceiling and wall lights.

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    Our newly rewired house has a mixture of wires with the ends wrapped in insulation tape and wires with just a fitting for a bulb and nothing more…but our builder has talked the electrician into coming back and putting up our light fittings for no extra cost, as he’s lovely!

    If you look a bit further down the old posts you’ll see that I posted about electricity regs a while back and Cesar gave me a list of websites full of regulations (but in Spanish). I’ve copied it here for you…

    from Cesars reply!

    Main one is the LOE or ‘Ley de Ordenación de la Edificación’ (something like The General Building Act) you may find it (Obviously in Spanish) here. http://civil.udg.es/normacivil/estatal/contract/loedif.htm

    But if you want to study and investigate (it’s hard I warn you), every ‘Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos’ would have an almost complete listing of these regulations (you have to bear in mind that as any other legal-technical subject this changes everyday)

    In the Asturian Colegio you can find it here: http://www.coaa.es/arquitectos/apartados/apartado.asp?te=89

    Just download the files and you’ll get the different lists with the BOE reference (the official bulletin where laws and regulations are published) that can be consulted freely here http://www.boe.es

    Hope that helps…

    Best wishes


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    I suspect we will be without light fittings when we arrive at our new property in a few weeks’ time.

    Can you buy ceiling roses in Spain which we can fit before we go out and select light fittings? My husband seems to think we will have to buy the complete light fitting; rose, flex, shade etc. which is why the light fittings are often taken buy the vendor when you buy a re-sale.

    We shall definitely be packing the candles and matches.


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    unfortunately all you will get is a live wire hanging from the wall 🙄

    not even insulated properly@

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    Yes, that’s what I thought hence the question about being able to buy ceiling roses in Spain.

    Thanks for your reply.


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