‘Ecologists in Action’ member is T.H. ‘Planning Consultant’!

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    Oh there is sweet justice in this world – found this in the ‘Diario Confidencial’:-


    Marbella Town Hall enlists help of local green activist as ‘Planning Consultant’.

    Javier de Luis maintains that the activity of his old position as spokesperson for Ecologistas en Acción over the last 15 years in Marbella will be carried over to his new post as Planning Consultant at the Town Hall. The long road of formal complaints and demonstrations during the controversial years of the GIL administration, has led the activist to a place he never imagined he would end up: behind a desk in an office in the municipal building from where disgraced former consultant Juan Antonio Roca, the alleged brains behind the corruption in Marbella Town Hall, exercised his power for 15 years.
    De Luis does not find the situation paradoxical, nor does it strike him as odd: “A week after taking over the Town Planning Department, Rafael Duarte asked us to present our objections and suggestions. We made up a list and handed it in, and the situation was as much a shock to him as to other members, because at that point we realised the extent of the black hole in the Town Hall. It was a lot greater than anyone had initially imagined. I think that made him tell us: ‘As well as petitioning, you must cooperate with us’”, he explains. “The Town Hall called us in to collaborate with them, and to help sort out the things we had previously complained about. I couldn’t refuse”, he adds.

    The activist group “Ecologistas en Acción”, were partly responsible for the repeated visits made by members of the GIL group to court, following a total of 300 official reports made by the group against building plans.


    Let’s hope finally some common sense and strong principals will be the guiding factor in Marbella’s planning decisions, as against bribery and corruption.


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    As I am in touch with other purchasers in Elviria being pressed to complete without an LFO, today have sent an e-mail to Javier de Luis asking for a ‘status report’ on the building licences for Santa Maria Village and Los Lagos.

    Ali C, Laggen and Karen – watch this space !!

    We’ll see how good this new guy is….. 😉


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    You are real gems 😀 It will be very interesting to hear what he has to say.

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    For those of you following this – this guy is good!

    This morning I woke up to find an e-mail from Don Javier de Luis himself !!

    Dear Katerina
    I would be delighted to help you with the information you requested, so please contact me on my private mobile telephone ******* or by calling me in my office at the Town Hall.


    When I get the Spanish-speaking part of my brain working, will call him – watch this space !


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    WOW is the only thing I can say. How amazing is that. Fantastic 😀 😀

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    Anti-climax – I telephoned, helpful person the other end explained he is in Malaga today at a meeting, but said would pass on message I telephoned.
    Am now going to e-mail with all relevant questions, so he can digest (and research the answers) at leisure in the morning…

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    Hi everyone

    Just an update on the communications with Sr Javier de Luis.

    Called him earlier today, following my 2 previous e-mails about the status of the 3 developments: SMGH, SMV, LL.

    I started worrying that sth had happened as he did not answer my e-mails after his offer to help us with more info and the forwarding of relevant docs from the Town Hall and the Planning Office in Marbella.

    He said that he has indeed received all communications and has already requested the documents and info from the relevant departments. The reason for the delay is that being summer many of the staff are on holidays. He promised to call as soon as he has confirmation from all the departments concerned.

    With kind regards


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    I bet he will be interested on knowing about all that is shared in this website. Why don´t you name an spokeman/woman to approach him on behalf of many of you? Mark?

    That would also be good to be published in the UK paper. If you set a good political-media strategy it may be very effective for further claims, suits..

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    Forgot to say that Sr. Javier de Luis did reply to us re. Green Hills Santa Maria Golf.
    He confirmed the revoked building licence will stay that way until a judicial hearing in court.
    Until then therefore, no LFO will be granted – (through Administrative Silence or otherwise!) – despite what the developer may say.

    Have heard they are trying to persuade at least one purchaser to complete, with the ‘carrot’ of a 7% discount if they do so by the end of the month …….. 😯

    It is just re. the BL’s for Santa Maria Village and Los Lagos that we are waiting to hear about.


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