Easier Small Business Bureaucracy

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      Here is a good news story. 🙂

      As part of the national governments drive to encourage small business start ups the Murcia regional government has become the first autonomous region to implement much needed change.

      The regional Department of Industry has eliminated the licences required before opening a business and for construction work to reform business premises from today.

      A declaration by the person responsible for the person that he/she will comply with all the legal requirements will be substituted for the licences normally required before a business can open.

      The only exceptions to the new procedure are if there is an historic- artistic impact; or the business is in a public building; or there is an environmental impact.

      A new line of finance, “Inforeactiva” aimed at small businesses was also unveiled. This program offers 25 million euros in loans over the next year with “advantageous conditions.” There is also a fund of 50 million euros to help businesses become international, improve their competitiveness and innovate transactions.

      The now needs to be urgent labour reforms to make it easier and chaeper to employ and fire workers.

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      This is very interesting.
      But does it mean (for example) that someone can open a cafe-bar without needing a license, so long as they make the declaration?

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      On the face of it yes.

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      It was a real barrier to many starting their new bar business in Madrid as they had to wait over a year for a license. According to this, the time involved is lower now, but it will make a real difference if that change in the law came in. Having said that, how would they enforce planning restrictions?

      Cordobés is quick to highlight the difficulties though, with bureaucratic delays and local government regulations. A provisional licence has been hanging on the wall since June and she has no indication of when it will become permanent. The city council introduced temporary “express” licences this year in an attempt to streamline the tedious bureaucracy. Privatising the registration process has also reduced waiting periods from one year to about three months but further improvement is needed.


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      As the most law abiding/respecting citizens get caught out with some laws which even if one employ a gestor. How can one confirm that he/she has comp[lied with all the laws ?.

      People, whose houses were demolished had complied with the laws, had used a lawyers to ensure this happened. It for this reasons that Spaniards either don’t bother or ignore silly rules/regulations. I know many Spanish businesses in London and they will never start a business in Spain. Considering that it is their country, language, culture , contacts, family support etc.

      There has to be a 80% purge on bureaucracy and a whole generation to retire before it can have any impact. The people who have been the cogs of bureaucracy for decades what are going to do & how will they support their families. .

      The size of Spanish bureaucracy means that besides the Doctors, Nurses,fire fighters etc This will add a very large % to the already high unemployment statistics.

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