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      I shall be travelling to distant shores today and may not have time to post for a couple of weeks so ‘Happy Christmas’ to you all 8)

      By the time I’m back, Merkel will be the new Spanish Prime Minister, Sarky, her Deputy, the Euro will have been replaced by the Chinese Yuan, Spanish property prices will have doubled overnight, and all foreigners will be forced to work until they are 75.

      The Costa del Sol and Blanca will be bulldozed for paddy fields, and you will all have to move inland to the Plains of La Mancha 😆

      Apart from that, everything else will be the same 😉

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      Happy Xmas to you too Angie. Have a great holiday and see you back here in January. I’m sure 2012 will be full of fun and games 😕

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      The same to you and your loved ones. Keep on smoking what you have been smoking in 2011.

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