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      I’m inclined to agree with Merlino and a few others about some of these TV progs. like A Place in the Sun etc. Like BBC’s Real Story showing a while ago on the UK market, completely estate agent biased to promote a flagging market and the Beeb received a lot of flak about it for misleading the public. Same with Amanda Lamb pushing property worldwide in some dodgy countries, and Spain where the market is top heavy price wise.

      Even Annafox on an earlier posting below about a new programme! I emailed her and she could not be bothered to reply.

      Newspapers are the same as Melosine said, they want an initial story and don’t follow up with an update. Why, perhaps they want the advertising back again from the dodgy agents and developers?

      Some of these programmes it seems may be have a vested interest financially to promote certain countries and properties, and even if you go on the programme it’s never in depth nor the real story.

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