Drowning in Debt!

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      To all those Spaniards, Portuguese, Greeks, Irish, Italians, Belgians, Cypriots, Dutch, French and whoever else thinks it’s only them with Debt problems, consider this:-

      Every working Brit, now owes £79,482 share of the UK’s debt.

      The UK’s National Debt crashed through the £1 Trillion barrier.

      Add in the Banking Bail-Out etc and this figure is now £2.3 trillion which is 1.5 times the UK’s annual production.

      This debt is expected to rise £400 Billion in next 3 years

      The UK is already targeting individual’s Savings (through low int rates and high inflation)

      QE means Gov’t buy up Gilts fiddling their prices up whilst reducing yields so it pays out less to Pension Funds etc

      Talk of a new annual tax on property (not Council Tax)

      Gov’t and MPC deliberately inflating it’s way out of debt at the expense of Savers, then homeowners and Pensions. Just enough inflation to hurt Savers but not enough to force people out on the streets.

      Property, Stocks/shares, and other markets are in falsely high positions.

      UK unemployment is 6.3 million not 2.67 million as we’re told.

      The whole thing is a manipulated con targeting the masses whilst their own Cabinet Members, MPC, UK Corporations and Bosses, Bankers, even Charity Bosses are either still paid fortunes and bonuses (inc, for failure) as well as/or stashing their cash in still open off-shore Tax Havens. 😈

      Source – Money Week etc

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