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      Hi all

      A cautionary tale not to book early with bmibaby

      As always on the day bmibaby released their winter flights, 7th June 2007, I booked my tickets to fly to Malaga in the winter school holidays. Easyjet released their winter flights 13 July 2007 and I checked the price of their flights for the same days to ensure we were still receiving good value. In the past while I have always found bmibaby slightly more expensive the difference has never been significant. The cost of our flights (2 adults and 2 children) with bmibaby was £740.03, to my horror the cost with Easyjet would have been £359.92. So I had paid more than double after taking the advice from bmibaby to book early with ‘the airline with tiny fares’

      Needless to say I complained to bmibaby to be told that this was the way it was, I was not offered any compensation and curiously reminded to book early for the best prices. I then checked bmibaby’s web site again and alarmingly the price (same flights etc) had come down to £325.52 in line with easyjet.

      I wrote again to Crawford Rix the MD of bmibaby to be told again sorry tough.

      Clearly it is not prudent to “book early” with bmibaby better to wait for easyjet then check the price unless you can afford to pay double the going rate.

      I’m happy to share the correspondence with anyone who would like to see it.



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      The same thing happened to me but I was travelling with a different airline, we booked for 4 people only to find a couple of weeks prior to
      departure that the fare had dropped from approx 1,200 euro to about 400 euro (for 4 ). I know how you must feel as I felt exactly the same. There were people on our flight who paid only 1/4 of our fare.

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      One of the reason I have always used easyjet is that they do offer a price promise. It is difficult to find on their website obviously they do not make it too easy to find, we used this a couple of years ago and whilst their site says any credit will be by means of credit against future travel we did get a refund on our credit card. 😀 Another thing to consider when booking if there are 3 or more people travelling check the availablilty and price for your whole group then try booking in groups of 1 or 2 at a tiime. On a family holiday for 10 people I saved several hunfred pounds this way finding 3 different price breaks. 😀

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