Does getting married invalidate your will?

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      Hello. I wonder if you can help me? My Aunt who owns a small flat in Majorca died earlier this year. She made a will leaving it to her partner, but since making the will she then married her life partner. My first question is, will the fact she got married invalidate her will?
      If yes, who inherits her flat as it will be intestate? She has no living parents or children, but she has 4 nieces and 1 nephew ( me being one of them) and has a spouse who has 2 children from a previous marriage.
      If No and it goes to her spouse he has now passed away too. He has 2 children from previous marriage. We have asked our UK solicitors to help us with this but its a slow process. One of the beneficiaries needs to pay the taxes and sort it all out and we need to know who. Is anyone able to throw any light on this situation for us.
      Any information would be greatly received.

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      Mark Stücklin

      Complicated. You need to consult a Spanish lawyer.

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        Thanks for your advice – it turns out it is a complicated case ( not just from the above) and my UK solicitors have finally found suitable representation in Majorca who now appear to have the case in hand.

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