Does community have the right to cut off utilities ?

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    I have a long term rental contract of an apartment in an urbanisation. When I moved in I took up the option of fast broadband with a service provider. This “arrangement” is via the community. It is nothing to do with the apartment owner. I was given no document by the community; I was simply told to pay the initial set up cost and subsequent quarterly amounts. Recently, due to an overdue amount of community charges payable by the owner the community instructed the service provider to cut off my service. This was without any warning to me or, so far as I am aware, to the owner. It was done on a Friday afternoon leaving me with no internet, TV, e-mail, internet banking etc etc. The service provider flatly refused to reinstate the service without authority from the community, saying I had no contract with them despite the fact I signed a document entitled “Contrato de Servicios” detailing all services with a small tick box saying “Solucion comunitaria”.

    Does the community have the right to cut off utilities in this manner, whether the apartment is occupied by me or by the owner ? Could this extend to water or electricity ? I consider broadband these days to be an “essential service” and a right. Any insight to the legal position would be very welcome.

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