Does anyone live in the Jaen / Martos area?

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    can you tell me if its a good place to live ?

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    I have not been there for a while. I recall ouside the town of Jaen it was just zillion of miles of Olive trees and the smell
    of Olives as I drove to CDS. The town has a few of the Building/Churches of the bygone era.

    The only way I would live there was if my partner is from there & she/he insist that we live there. I can imagine not much happens there.

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    There may be a lot of expats in the area as I have seen many on property forums asking about the area. I like the area, but couldn’t live there, but horses for courses.

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    It was very cheap there Katy -remember seeing many ads before the crash and many poorer Brits bought there and many trying to sell now ! Its a long way from the coast. It gets ferociously hot in the summer and you need air conditioning -winter time it is very chilly particularly at night-so its a continental type not a Mediteranean climate -potentially heavy utility bills

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    It still is very cheap there, thats why i asked :/

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