Do We Have The Answers?

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    Sñr. JLR Zapatero and co. haven’t worked out to do something about the 4,7+ million of unemployed, and so there is no economy. My question is how do we create the jobs (obviously not building property). I have a few ideas but and I know there are a lot of things that need to be scrapped and to again but if we take the subject of employment, surely we have some ideas about getting people back to work?


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    It seems that Spain would benefit from finding a niche, and getting good at it (like the Germans with cars) maybe green technologies.

    On top of that they should encourage people to become more entrepreneurial (tax breaks for start-ups, and less financial hazard for failures), from small acorns…

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    They had a niche & look at the mess. THe spanish has the attitude of doing very little and grabbing as much. They do not take pride in their work & care what people think of them as far as they get the money. The Germans are totally opposite. Ofcourse there are exceptions.
    I have close friends in both Countries & have done business in both Countries.

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