Do they smoke pot at Taylor Wimpey?

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      Take a look at this article from OPP, Overseas Property Profesional who have just appointed that somewhat dubious character of old John Howell who was heavily involved in pushing overseas property on Channel 4 and 5’s TV programmes for untrustworthy companies including the one we can’t mention whose trial comes up in Spain on 25th April. 👿

      This relates to Taylor Wimpey who are again banging their old drum. 🙄 Still trying to sell Los Arqueros which I visited 10 years or more ago, we felt we were in a crater and overlooked by all 😕

      T.W’s figures are hard to understand, they talk of a 100% surge in British buyers, then say their interest has increased 10% this year, then say their sales are up 63% this year, then say Spain is up 27.8%. ❓

      So 100% drops to 10% then goes up to 63%, according to Marc Pritchard Sales and Marketing Manager (says it all there) 😆

      Is he or are they on waccy baccy, they can’t agree on their own figures spouted through the spurious OPP? 😆 😆

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