Do I need a H.U.T. in Catalonia?


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      Hi, I have a detached house in a small village (less than 2000 inhabitants) in Orsona, Catalonia. A previous article in this forum (May 2016) stated that detached houses offering no hotel services (except cleaning) do not need to register for a H.U.T. to use the property for short term holiday rentals (1 or 2 weeks at a time). The local Ajuntament is telling me I do need a H.U.T.

      I would much prefer to avoid the hassle of a H.U.T. What can I do to be sure about this?

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      I do think you need a license also for a detached house. There is quiet good information listed on this official site from the Generalitat:

      Also consider that its an advantage to have this license when you will sell the house one day.


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      My advice would be just go ahead and let it out as you want. It is none of the Council´s business what you do with your own home.




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